Social Media Management

For 5 years, I have orchestrated paid social and ​digital media campaigns. Monitored performance ​data and maintained client relationships. ​Managed relationships with existing clients and ​created a pipeline of new business for various ​clients

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Email & SMS Marketing

Developed and executed ​email marketing strategies ​through CRMS like Hubspot & ​Mailchimp. Also well-versed ​with launching and executing ​SMS Marketing Strategies ​through Textidly

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Print and Digital ​Advertising

Produced marketing materials, ​including brochures, ​magazines, postcards, blogs, ​and newsletters.Plus, I am ​knowledgable in mailing ​advertising and printing needs.

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Podcasts & Webinars

Knowledgable in audio & video ​editing, as well as logo design, ​and marketing of podcasts and ​webinars

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Mobile App and ​Website Management

Have experience with developing, designing, and launching mobile ​apps on Apple & Google. I also launched landing pages and ​developed and designed websites. Well versed with SEO, Google ​Analytics, META, HTML coding, implementing AI Chatbots

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Event Management

Awards Festivals

Well versed with AV, Video ​Presentations, Writing Scripts, ​Coordinating theme, table ​placements, coordinating presenters ​and closing ceremonies.


Head of Marketing and Event ​Management for conferences with ​up to 5k attendees. In charge of ​designing booths, programs, email ​marketing and social media ​management


Experience with marketing tours for ​conferences and smaller community ​events. As well as designing and ​mailing out programs, brochures, ​email marketing and social media ​management

Proven ROI

During my tenure, clients have ​experienced a return on ​investment exceeding $10,000 ​through successful budget ​management, digital marketing, ​and brand management.

About Me

Hello! I'm Kim Cabrera, a marketing enthusiast based in Austin. During COVID, I ​embarked on a journey to turn my passion for marketing into a thriving career. My ​time in this vibrant city and diverse work experiences have shaped me into an ​exceptionally driven individual with a knack for adaptability, conceptual thinking, and ​overall creativity. From content creation to overseeing entire Communication and ​Marketing Departments, I've navigated the dynamic landscape of both profit and ​non-profit sectors. Beyond the world of marketing, I'm a proud foodie, an avid ​outdoor adventurer with my dog Dax, and fueled by a deep passion for rescuing dogs ​in the Austin area. Let's connect and bring some marketing magic to the table!

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"Fueling marketing magic in the heart ​of Austin, I bring creativity, ​adaptability, and a dash of adventure ​to every project. From overseeing ​departments to rescuing dogs, let's ​create something extraordinary ​together!"